Rational method

rational method See rational formula.

ray In botanical terms, a branch of an umbel flower stalk.

RBM Abbreviation for reinforced brick masonry.

RC asphalt See rapid-curing asphalt.

RCP 1. Abbreviation for residual current device. 2. Abbreviation for reinforced concrete pipe.

rd 1. Abbreviation for rod(s). 2. Abbreviation for road.

reach The section of a sewer pipe between structures.

reaction wood Wood resulting from abnormal growth.

real property Land and everything growing on it or built on it (structures), and usually some space above it and everything beneath it.

reamer A tapered drill bit with sharp, spiral, fluted cutting edges along the shaft. This tool is used to enlarge an opening to cut burs from pipe, etc.

rear lot line Generally, the opposite and most distant line from the front lot line.

rear yard The yard across the full width of a parcel extending from the rear line of the main building to the rear property line.

rebar A steel bar used for reinforcing, having a pattern of raised areas on its surface to prevent moving concrete when temperatures change, or when pressure is applied.

rebloomer A plant that flowers more than once in a growing season.

receiving site or receiving zone or receiving area An area of land where dwelling unit numbers allowed (allowable density) is increased by transferring development rights (dwelling units) from a sending site by way of a transfer of development rights. This assists in preserving agricultural and natural areas.

receptacle A botanical term identifying the end of the stem (pedicel) to which the other flower parts are attached.

receptacle plug An electrical device capable of receiving a plug with a cord for supply of electrical current to appliances or portable, electrically powered devices. This device is mounted in a box, usually hidden behind a wall and the power is constantly supplied by a wire to the box and outlet.

recess A depression in a surface.

recharge In relation to water in the landscape, the replenishment of groundwater, or aquifers with water percolating from the surface of the earth.

recharge 1. (artificial) The addition of water to groundwater by activities of man at a recharge rate greater than historically recorded. 2. (groundwater) The replenishment of groundwater.

recharge zone or recharge area The portion of any area of land surface where ground-water recharge is naturally or historically significant.

reciprocating pump A pump that moves and compresses fluids by use of a piston with an intake and outlet to the chamber, allowing fluid in as it retracts the piston and forcing water out as the piston is pushed to the other end of the chamber.

reclaimed waste water Waste water that has been cleaned enough to be of beneficial reuse.

reclaimed water Water that has been collected (and sometimes treated as necessary) after

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