Reducing pipe fitting

an original use and then made available for reuse (often in an irrigation system).

reclamation The reuse or reclaiming of resources, usually in reference to natural resources. This term is often used for revegetation of an area that has been disturbed or denuded of vegetation.

record drawings The drawings prepared by a contractor before, during, and after completion of a project, showing the project as it was actually constructed with any changes from the original design drawings.

record sheet At a construction site, a sheet recording materials delivered, number of workers employed at the various trades, hours worked, weather, etc.

recreational vehicle (RV) A vehicle designed or used for living, sleeping, and recreational purposes and equipped with wheels to facilitate traveling. They include pickup coaches (campers), motorized homes, boats, travel trailers, camping trailers, four-wheelers, snowmobiles, etc.

recurved In botanical terms, bent backward, downward, outward, or toward its beginning.

recyclable material Waste materials or byproducts processed and then returned to the economic mainstream in the form of commodities or products. Recyclable materials include metals, glass, plastic, paper, wood, etc.

recycling plant A facility that recovers resources, such as paper products, glass, metal, etc. to return them to use.

red brass or rich low brass A metal alloy containing about 85% copper and 15% zinc. It has high corrosion resistance, can be polished, and is available in flat sheets, rod, wire, or tube.

red spider mite See mites.

reduced pressure backflow preventer See reduced pressure principle assembly.

reduced pressure principle assembly A

backflow preventer with loaded, independently operating check valves and a mechanically independent, hydraulically dependent relief valve located between the check valves. The relief valve is designed to maintain a zone of reduced pressure between the two check valves. It contains tightly closing, resilient, seated shut-off valves upstream and downstream of the check valves along with resilient seated test cocks used for protecting the potable water supply from pollutants and contaminants and may be used to protect against back siphoning and back pressure.

reduced pressure vacuum breaker A

device that protects upstream waters from downstream siphoning backward and contamination while under continuous pressure. It will stop water from moving backward even when it is under back pressure.

reducer 1. Any fitting for piping facilitating a connection between two pipes of different sizes. 2. A chemical such as a thinner or solvent that can be added to paints or varnishes to lower their viscosity.

reducer bushing A slip socket or threaded fitting that can be inserted into another fitting or flared end (bell end) of a pipe to allow the attachment of a smaller pipe or device with a male end by insertion into it.

reducing pipe fitting Any pipe fitting used to connect pipes of different sizes.

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