REINF, reinf. Abbreviation for reinforce, reinforced, or reinforcing.

reinforced blockwork In masonry, block-work containing steel reinforcement.

reinforced brick masonry (RBM) Brickwork that contains steel bars to impart tensile strength.

reinforced concrete or ferroconcrete or steel concrete Concrete containing reinforcement (usually rebar) to assist in resisting forces placed upon or working upon the concrete.

reinforced earth wall A granular matrix or fill reinforced with successive layers of metal strips to retain a slope.

reinforced grouted masonry A brick or block wall grouted solid throughout its entire height and having both vertical and horizontal reinforcing.

reinforced masonry Masonry with steel reinforcement.

reinforcing bar A steel bar used in concrete or masonry construction to improve its strength.

reinforcing fibers A synthetic fiber usually of polypropylene that is incorporated into a concrete or mortar mix for extra strength or elasticity.

reinforcing rod A long steel member placed or formed in concrete to give it strength.

relative humidity The percentage of the maximum amount of water vapor that air is capable of holding at any given temperature. Colder air takes less water vapor than warmer air to obtain the same relative humidity. Air saturated to the point it can hold no more water is at 100% relative humidity. The amount of water necessary to reach 100% of the capacity of air to hold it (complete saturation) is always more for warmer air and less for cooler air.

relay An electromechanical device that opens or closes electrical contacts in a circuit by changes in the current flow in another circuit.

release agent A chemical or substance sprayed in forms to facilitate easy removal with less sticking or chance of damage to the concrete when removed.

relief The difference(s) in elevation(s) and in spatial configuration(s) within a prescribed area of the surface of the earth.

relief valve A valve installed in a pipe system to relieve pressure in excess of a preset limit by discharging a portion of the water in the system.

remediation The act or process of remedying. In land planning and landscape architecture, it is used in reference to contaminated site cleanup to remedy hazardous wastes.

remolded soil Soil that has had its natural structure modified by dislocation and manipulation.

remote control valve A valve actuated by an automatic controller with electric or hydraulic means.

render 1. In design work, to draw. 2. To apply shades, textures, shadows, etc. to a line drawing. 3. In construction work, to produce a smooth finish by covering a surface with mortar or concrete.

reniform In botanical terms, kidney bean shaped.

repand In botanical terms, wavy-margined.

repent A botanical term meaning creeping.

repot See potting up.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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