reniform leaf shape

req'd Abbreviation for required.

request for information An inquiry made by a participant in contractual obligations usually in the construction industry.

request for proposal A solicitation normally from public agencies distributed to consulting, manufacturing, or development firms asking for a proposal for services or products. They are encouraged to contain a description of the project, program, or items, the amount budgeted, the type of contract (fixed price or time-and-expense, etc.), qualifications required, evaluation criteria, and a description of the materials to submit.

request for qualifications A solicitation usually prepared by a public agency distributed to consulting and development firms requesting a statement of credentials associated with the firm. It usually requests contact information, a description of the organization, resumes of key personnel, a statement describing work completed on similar projects, availability for the work, a list of projects completed, and references.

reservoir An artificial lake or pond created to retain and store water for later use.

reservoir pool With regard to recirculating water features, the lowest pool which must have enough capacity to hold the water normally in transit when in operation as it will flow into it when pumps are turned off.

residence A dwelling where a person(s) re-sides.

residence time The time necessary to exchange the water in an aquifer or surface water body with new water.

residual fertilizer The portions of fertilizer remaining in the soil after one or more crops or seasons.

resilient hanger A pipe hanger with a resilient spring between the clamp or saddle and the point of attachment.

resistance In electrical systems, the resistance or restriction to the flow of current measured in ohms. It can be compared to friction loss in an irrigation system. When electricity is flowing, resistance causes a drop in voltage along the length of a wire.

respiration 1. The chemical process in which a plant absorbs oxygen, then releases energy from the oxidizing of plant sugars to water and carbon dioxide. Plant soil should be sufficiently aerated to allow oxygen to be available to the plant's roots. 2. The biochemical processes that consume oxygen and carbohydrates and release energy. It is the reverse of photosynthesis.

responsible bidder See lowest responsible bidder.

resting Said of a plant that grows for more than one season at the annual time it slows or stops growth.

restoration The return by human intervention of an ecosystem from a disturbed or altered condition to a previously existing natural condition.

restrictive covenants A restriction on uses, aesthetics, layout, design, or other items associated with a land or its potential. These are usu

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