rototiller A device used to turn up and pulverize soils, etc. with turning blades powered with an engine.

rough carpentry The structural or formation framing, boxing, or sheeting of a wood structure.

rough-cut joint A mortar joint in brick masonry work that is flush with the face of the brick.

rough grade 1. Approximate slope, drainage, and terrain formed, but not raked, rolled or finely bladed smooth, and ready for seed, sod, planting, etc. Sometimes this grade is a few inches below where finish grade will be to allow for placement of topsoil. 2. Grading done before construction of structures, utilities, etc. begins.

rough sawn Lumber that is cut to dimension, but not planed for smoothness or size reduction.

round tree form

round or rounded or globe These terms are sometimes used to describe a plant (especially trees) with a roundish outline to its head. (Compare with weeping, columnar, fastigiate, oval, broadly spreading, upright spreading, pyramidal.)

roundabout A circular road, usually with a round island at its center, at an intersection of streets. In many cases this allows for the flow of traffic without stopping as vehicles yield and merge (so long as they are not overly crowded with traffic).

roundhead wood screw This screw has various indented shapes in its head for accepting a tool (screwdriver) to drive (turn) it into wood. Its head is larger than the shank and is a half circle at its top with its head's underside being flat immediately around its shank. Its shank has either a threaded taper from the underside of its head surface to its more slender pointed shank, or it is a slender shank of a constant diameter continuing to its threads where it then tapers with threads to its point.


round timber Logs that have not been sawn into lumber.

router An electric machine with a rapidly turning cutter available in various shapes that cut to the shape of the cutter edge. They are used for routing, cutting mortises, making a decorative trim at the edge of a board, etc.

ROW, row Abbreviation for right-of-way.

row cover Semitransparent material over crops or nursery stock to extend the growing season or protect the plants. It is often laid over rows of plants, hence the name.

rowlock or rolock or rollock A brick laid on its edge with its end exposed on a wall surface.

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