saltwater intrusion or seawater intrusion

The migration of salt water into freshwater aquifers because of groundwater development (pumping drainage).

salvage Material once in place and then removed to be reused on the same site or another site.

salverform In botanical terms, a slender tube abruptly expanded into a widened, spreading limb. It is the shape of many flowers.

salverform flower shape

samara A dry, one-seeded, winged fruit found on maple, ash, elm, etc. Children call them helicopters.

samara of maple trees

sand 1. A mineral component of earth derived from fragmented and weathered rock made up of particles of a size between H00 and K2 in (0.05 to 2.00 mm) in size. It is classified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as follows: very coarse sand—0.080-0.040 in; coarse sand— 0.040-0.020 in; medium sand—0.020-0.010; fine sand—0.010-0.0040 in; very fine sand— 0.0040-0.0020 in. It is smaller than gravel, but coarser than silt. It is used in mortar, glass, abrasives, foundry molds, etc. 2. A soil textural class comprised of approximately 0 to 10% clay, with 0 to 15% silt and 85 to 100% sand. Individual grains of sand can readily be felt in this soil. When it is squeezed in the hand while dry, it falls apart as pressure is released, and when wet it will crumble if touched after being squeezed. These soils tend to be well drained or excessively drained, having little water-holding capacity, and little fertility.

sandbag A plastic, canvas, or nylon bag filled with sand, useful in temporarily containing floodwaters, or to hold down stands for temporary signs, etc.

sandblast Directing or shooting sand under air pressure at a surface to remove paint, dirt, or rust, to cut, to roughen, or to produce a desirable texture on the surface.

sand filter A layer of fine sand through which water is passed to remove small debris from the water.

sand interceptor or sand trap A small catch basin preventing passage of sand (and other solids) into a drainage system by allowing it to settle to the bottom of the basin before entering another pipe. It only functions if it is cleaned often enough to keep the collected sand and debris below the pipe inlet.

sandpile A sandbox or area of sand with boundaries for children to play or dig in, etc.

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