senecioides resembling Senecio senescens aging senilis, senile having white hairs, senile, old sensibilis, sensibile; sensitivus, sensitiva, sensitivum sensitive to touch or other stimuli, responding to and sensing touch sensitivus sensitive sepiarius, sepiaria, sepiarium associated with hedges septangularis, septangulare seven-angled septemfidus, septemfida, septemfidum seven cuts septemlobus, septemloba, septemlobum seven lobes septentrionalis, septentrionale northern sericanthus, sericantha, sericanthum having silky flowers sericeus, sericea, sericeum silky sericifer, sericifera, sericiferum; sericofer, sericofera, sericoferum bearing silk serotinus, serotina, serotinum blooming or ripening late serpens creeping, crawling, growing on the ground like a serpent serpentinus, serpentina, serpentinum relating to snakes or to serpentine shapes serpyllifolius, serpyllifolia, serpyllifolium leaves like Thymus serpyllum serratifolius, serratifolia, serratifolium saw-toothed leaves serratulatus, serratulata, serratulatum little saw-like teeth serratus, serrata, serratum saw-toothed, serrate sessifolius stalk-like leaves sessilis, sessile having no stalk setaceus, setacea, setaceum having bristles, bristle-like setifer, setifera, setiferum; setiger, setigera, setigerum; setosus, setosa, setosum bristly setifolius, setifolia, setifolium having bristly leaves setigera bristle-bearing sexangularis, sexangulare six-angled siameus, siamea, siameum from Thialand (Siam)

sibiricus of Siberia siculiformis, siculiforme dagger-shaped siculus, sicula, siculum from Sicily signatus, signata, signatum clearly marked or vividly individualized silvaticus, silvatica, silvaticum; silvestris, silvestre of woodlands similis, simile similar simplex branchless simplicicaulis, simplicicaule having branchless stems simplicifolius, simplicifolia, simplicifolium a simple leaf, no compound leaves, or no leaflets simulans resembling, being similar to sinensis, sinense; sinicus, sinica, sinicum from China sinuatus, sinuata, sinuatum; sinuosus, sinuosa, sinuosum wavy margins, sinuous margins

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