Sense of scale

seedling 1. A small, very young plant. 2. A young woody plant started from a seed.

seepage Groundwater or interflow water oozing from the ground.

seepage bed A wide trench containing distribution piping surrounded by clean, coarse, gravel material. Sewage from a septic tank that is partially treated flows through the pipes, and seeps into the ground via the gravel.

selected bidder The bidder chosen by the owner for possible award of a contract for a project. See also successful bidder.

selective herbicide An herbicide that only kills certain types of plants. See also nonselective herbicide.

selective pruning Selecting branches to prune rather than shearing all branches to a particular length.

self-branching A reference to certain perennials that produce many side growths, growing compactly and without having to be pinched back to form a dense plant.

self-cleaning valve An automatic valve with a device that moves when turned off and on to clean portions of the inner valve.

self-fertile The capability within a single plant of producing viable seeds by its own pollen fertilizing its own ovules.

self-pollinating See self-fertile.

self-seeding A plant that will grow from seed deposited by a plant the year before without human aid.

self-sterile A single plant not capable of producing viable seeds and fruit by its own pollen fertilizing its own ovules.

self-tapping Able to create its own screw threads on the inside of a hole as it is forced by turning.

semiarid climate A climate where precipitation averages more than 20 in per year, but less than 40 in per year.

semidirect lighting Light from luminaries distributing 60 to 90% of the emitted light downward onto a surface.

semi-double flower A flower with two or three times the number of petals necessary to form a circle; usually the petals appear in two or three rows.

semi-evergreen A reference to plants that throughout winter retain some leaves, or lose only older leaves. Also descriptive of plants that retain nearly all leaves if the winter is mild.

semitransparent stain This is a color pigment applied to wood that is not dark enough to cover the natural grain of the wood.

sems A machine screw with a lock washer that was placed on the screw before threads were cut on it and which cannot be easily removed.

sending site or sending zone An area of land where the number of dwelling units allowed by law can be purchased to keep the land from development. These units are usually sent or transferred to another site to increase the housing density allowed on that property (receiving site or zone).

senescence The process of aging; growing older.

sense of scale The feeling created or perceived when one is placed next to a very large object (such as a 50-story building 500 ft wide) or a small object (a toolshed 6 ft tall and 8 ft wide).

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