serrate leaf margin
serrulate leaf margin

serrulate In botanical terms, the diminutive of serrate or finely serrated. (Compare with ciliate, pectinate, cleft, lobed, dentate, denticulate, serrate, entire, double serrate, incised, crenate, crenulate, parted.)

service conductors Electrical wire supply conductors between the street transformer or street main and the service equipment of the customer.

service connection The point where a customer's piping or wiring connects to a utility main service pipe or wire.

service equipment In electrical systems, a reference to all conductors and devices that are a part of transferring electricity from the power company's lines to the fuses or circuit breaker devices of an individual user.

sessile In botanical terms, a plant part sitting close without any stalk or petiole.

sessile leaf attachment set 1. A reference to an emission device (head, emitter, etc.) being at its proper elevation, orientation, and location. 2. A nail that is pounded into place. 3. With regard to concrete, masonry mortar, etc., a general point in time when it is no longer fresh enough to be loaded, or worked. Its condition is hard and no longer plastic or pliable. 4. In landscape terms, to plant. 5. Small bulbs, tubers, or other plant parts or starts used for propagation.

seta A botanical term meaning a bristle.

setaceous A botanical term meaning bristlelike.

setback The distance required by a governing authority from a line (usually a property line or easement line) to a structure, wall, sign, or another use, etc. that is usually specified by an ordinance, code, or restrictive covenants.

set heads or setting heads The action of placing or setting and stabilizing sprinkler heads during construction to assure their proper orientation and elevation for desired water dispersing.

setose A botanical term meaning beset with bristles.

sessile leaf attachment

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