Shell aggregate

of an excavation. 2. Material used in sheets. 3. The boards forming the vertical surface of concrete formwork. 4. Bedrock or stone with many fractures.

shell aggregate An aggregate composed of crushed seashells and sand.

shelterbelt See windbreak.

sherardize The process of placing a thin coating of zinc (usually with other materials) with heat (between 320 to 500°C) on steel to provide a corrosion- and abrasion-resistant surface.

SHGC Abbreviation for solar heat gain coefficient.

shifting See shifting up.

shifting up Removing a plant from a small container and placing it in a larger container. This is common practice in a nursery where plants are being grown up to size for sale. After this process, plants should be rooted into the growing medium before selling at the larger size.

shim A thin, tapered piece of stiff material (wood, metal, etc.) inserted under a member to adjust its height or vertical alignment, etc. They are often used to bring materials into flush alignment with one another.

shingle A roofing unit made of various materials and sizes used on an exterior surface. Each unit usually overlaps others to shed water.

shiplap A connection of boards side to side where the edges are rabbeted to overlap flush from board to board.

shoot 1. The young sprout of a plant. 2. New growth of a plant. 3. This year's growth of a plant usually identified on deciduous trees from bud to bud.

shop drawings The drawings, illustrations, schedules, etc. prepared by a contractor or any subcontractor, supplier, etc. that illustrate how specific items or portions of the work will be made, designed, or installed.

shore 1. A board set temporarily at an angle to support a wall. 2. The land immediately adjacent of, contiguous to, and influenced by a body of water.

shoring 1. A number of boards set to temporarily support a wall. 2. Material used and placed to support the earth on the sides of a trench or steep slope.

shoreland The land around a water body from which surface water drains directly into the water body instead of draining into streams and tributaries.

short circuit A condition in an electrical circuit when electricity escapes to a ground or returns, occurring when a hot wire of opposite phases touch each other, or a bare wire or connection touches a bare spot on a grounded wire or component, or a hot wire comes into contact with water or moist soil. This will usually blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker if they are a part of the system.

shotcrete Concrete or mortar pumped through a hose onto a surface, sometimes with considerable force.

shot hole A fungus that causes spots on leaves that fall out, creating holes and looking like they have been shot with a shotgun.

shoulder nipple 1. A nipple having threads at each end and a space along the pipe between the threads that are without threads. 2. A short nipple just longer than a close nipple, but having only a short area without threads along its length.

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