skylight An opening in a roof that has a covering of a transparent or translucent material. It is useful for admitting light into a space below.

slack side The face of a board or wood veneer that was facing toward the tree's center before being cut.

slag A gray aggregate residue of blast furnaces.

slag cement A fine or powdery cementitious material made of a uniform blend of granulated blast-furnace slag and hydrated lime.

slant A sewer pipe connecting a building's sewer to a main or common sewer.

slate A hard, thin, flat, brittle rock made up mostly of clay minerals that were formed along parallel planes. It is used in roofing, flooring, patios, and even chalkboards.

slating nail or slate nail A nail with a large, flat head and a medium, diamond-shaped point; useful in attaching slate to wood.

sledgehammer A hammer with a heavy head used for pounding. Their heads are of various weights, and handles are of various lengths.

sledge hammer sledge hammer sleeper A timber at or near the ground that distributes load from other wood members above or from decking (flooring) attached to it.

sleeve 1. In irrigation, a pipe used to allow pipe(s) or wire(s) to be pulled or pushed through it. This is useful under pavements when the water pipes or wiring will be installed later. It also allows for access to wires or pipes housed in these conduits after paving is completed. 2. In sprinkler irrigation, a vertical pipe that allows a long, solid shank key to be slid down it to the top of a valve to facilitate turning it off and on by turning a handle on the top of the shank.

sleeve fence A short, decorative fence attached to a building often designed to complement the building design.

slip 1. A cutting of a plant. 2. A description of the method of attachment of PVC fitting that slides together with glue as opposed to compression or threaded fittings.

slip fix A PVC device that slides into slip sockets (tee, coupler, etc.) with glue, and is capable of being extended so that it is particularly useful in repairing (fixing) damaged pipes.

slip fix

slip-joint pliers A tool with curved, ribbed jaws and handles with a joint between them that slips to two different positions. When the handles are squeezed, the jaws can grip wide or narrow objects depending on the slip-joint setting.

slope Ground that is not horizontal, but instead has an incline. The state of any surface not level or essentially perpendicular to a line from a

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