sprinkler flag A small flag and thin wire or plastic staff, usually 12 to 18 in high, used to mark locations of existing or proposed sprinkler heads, valves, etc. in the landscape.

sprinkler flag

sprinkler head A device that delivers and distributes water for irrigation by a stream or spray projected above the area of irrigation via water pressure. The nozzle portion of the head determines the length, type (spray, stream), and distance of water distribution. Common types of sprinkler heads include impact heads, spray heads, and rotor heads.

sprinkler head profile A graph showing the precipitation rate of a particular sprinkler head with a particular nozzle from the point of discharge to its farthest coverage point. These are quite telling of the areas within an arc or coverage area of the sprinkler that receive too little or too much precipitation. Sprinkler distribution is not usually even across the graph. Low and high points in the graph are usually overcome in sprinkler design by placing another sprinkler head no farther away than the farthest application of water by the next head. This is called head-to-head coverage and affords a better distribution and uniformity of applied water.

sprinkler irrigation The watering of plants or seeds with sprinkler heads.

sprinkler key A long metal device used for turning on or off valves on sprinkler systems. Some have a slot at their end (for stop and waste valves), some have a box on their end (for large, water line, cast-iron valves), and some have a rounded fork at their end (for turning on manual valves). The sprinkler key in the illustration fits over a manual angle valve.

sprinkler profile See sprinkler head profile.

sprinkler program Information entered into the controller's memory determining when the system will water. A program usually contains three pieces of information: days to water, time to start watering, and the length of each zone to be watered.

sprinkler schedule 1. A tabulation of materials for a sprinkler system including, but not limited to, such information as the type of equipment (i.e., sprinkler head, valve type, controller, quick coupler) size, gallons per minute, manufacturer, and model number. 2. The timing and frequency of sprinkler operations including runtime, time of day for operation, and days to be operated.

sprinkler system The composite of all elements to facilitate irrigation; usually refers to an irrigation system with sprinkler heads.

sprinkler valve An automatic valve or a manual valve used for turning on and off a sprinkler system.

sprinkler valve key See sprinkler key.

sprinkler zone The area covered by sprinkler heads operated by a single valve.

sprout 1. The opening of a seed; the beginning of its growth. 2. A sucker or runner from a plant.

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