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standard In horticulture, a treelike form of a shrub or vine that is trained and pruned to have a trunk with a head like a miniature tree. Tree roses are the most common standards grown. Most standard forms have a head that starts at least 5 ft (1.5 m) from the ground surface. Some shrubs are grafted on a tall stalk for an interesting standard specimen.

Standard Dimensional Ratios (SDR) The ratio of a pipe's outside diameter to its wall thickness (outside diameter/wall thickness). As the pipe diameter increases, there is a proportional increase in wall thickness. Pipes with the same SDR ratio will usually bear the same working pressure throughout all pipe sizes.

standard inside diameter dimension ratio

(SIDR) With regard to pipes, the ratio of the average inside diameter to the minimum thickness.

standpipe A high vertical pipe or tank used for storing water and supplying pressure.

staple A double-pointed, U-shaped metal wire or stiff steel often used for the same purposes as nails, but preferred for its potentially increased holding power. In smaller sizes, they are forced under pressure from a staple gun into construction materials, but in larger sizes they are usually forced by hand into such materials as erosion control fabric or weed barrier fabric.

start A set or larger plant part used to propagate another.

starter solution A chemical (usually vitamin A) fertilizer dissolved in water, and applied in the planting hole or around the roots of plants that have been newly transplanted. Sometimes bare root plants are soaked in such a solution before planting. This assists plants to withstand the shock of being moved and speeds up root development.

State Agriculture Experimental Station

In the United States, a government-sponsored resource for unbiased, current information regarding hardiness, soils, fertilizers, plant varieties, pest and disease control, etc. They are often associated with state agricultural colleges.

static head The pressure in any water system not in use and not flowing when expressed as head.

static pressure Within irrigation pipes, the pressure of water exerted when the system is at rest, in a closed system, with no water flow from or through pipes.

static suction head A condition occurring when the pump is lower in elevation than the supply. It is the distance between the pump centerline and the water supply surface elevation.

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