sitchensis, sitchense from Sitka, Alaska smaragdinus, smaragdina, smaragdinum emerald-green smilacinus, smilacina, smilacinum associated with Smilax sobolifer, sobolifera, soboliferum creeping stems that can root socialis, sociale forming colonies (societies), or clumps solaris, solare liking good solar (sun) exposure soldanelloides looking like Soldanella solidus, solida, solidum solid somnifer, somnifera, somniferum sleep producing sorbifolius, sorbifolia, sorbifolium leaves resembling the mountain ash (Sorbus)

sordidus, sordida, sordidum dirty, sordid, wretched, dull; muddy color sparsus, sparsa, sparsum few, sparse spathulatus, spathulata, spathulatum looking like a spatula, spoon-shaped speciosus, speciosa, speciosum showy, deceptive, alluring, not genuine, specious, good-looking spectabilis, spectabile spectacular, remarkable speculatus, speculata, speculatum mirror-like sphacelatus, sphacelata, sphacelatum dead sphaericus, sphaerica, sphaericum spherical sphaerocarpus, sphaerocarpa, sphaerocarpum spherical fruits sphaerocephalus, sphaerocephala, sphaerocephalum spherical heads, rounded head spicatus spicate with spikes spicifer, spicifera, spiciferum having spikes spiculiflorus, spiculiflora, spiculiflorum flowers in small spikes spinescens; spinifer, spinifera, spiniferum; spinifex; spinosus, spinosa, spinosum spiny spiniosus full of spines spinosissimus most spiny spinulifer, spinulifera, spinuliferum small spines spiralis, spirale spiral splendens; splendidus, splendida, splendidum splendid spurius, spuria, spurium false, spurious, illegitimate squalens; squalidus, squalida, squalidum dirty looking, filthy, degrading, squalid squamatus, squamata, squamatum small scale-like leaves or bracts squamosus, squamosa, squamosum many scales squarrosus, squarrosa, squarrosum spreading or recurved ends stachyoides looking like Stachys stamineus, staminea, stamineum having conspicuous stamens, or stamens of interest stellaris, stellare; stellatus, stellata, stellatum star-like stenocarpus, stenocarpa, stenocarpum narrow fruit

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