Street lamp

street lamp A light on a pole alongside a street.

street noise barrier A high wall, typically made of concrete, that parallels a street and reflects the noise of the traffic.

streetscape 1. The ground area adjacent to a street that may contain sidewalks, street furniture, landscaping, etc. 2. The scenery viewed from a street and the visual positive or negative experience or feelings generated by such.

street tree A tree that is currently located or proposed for planting along a street.

stress In reference to plants, a condition brought on by any number of difficulties where the health of a growing plant is put at risk, or where external factors inhibit plant growth. It may be due to too little water, too much water, temperatures that are too low or too high, reflected light, chemicals, lack of aeration within the soil, lack of gaseous exchange within the soil, soil compaction, insects, fungus, etc. It is often noticeable by wilting leaves, brown-edged leaves, or a dulling in the color of leaves.

stretcher A brick laid lengthwise in a wall or any masonry structure.

striate A term often used to describe plant parts marked with fine, more or less parallel or longitudinal lines.

strict A botanical term that means very straight and upright, not at all lax or spreading.

strigose In botanical terms, beset with appressed, rigid bristles or hairs pointing in more or less the same direction.

strike 1. Finishing a mortar joint with a stroke of the trowel, at the same time removing extra mortar and smoothing the surface of the mortar to remain in the joint. 2. A rooted cutting used in propagation.

strike off 1. To slide a straight wood or metal bar across a surface of fresh concrete, usually by extending one form across to another form so that excess concrete is removed, leaving a straight even surface. The long straight member is usually slid back and forth as it is pulled along the forms and moved forward, pulling the excess concrete. 2. The straight edge used as indicated in (1).

strike plate or strike or striking plate A

metal plate and indentation that receives a bolt or latch of a lock on a door. It often has a curved lip at its edge toward the door opening, allowing a bolt with a sloped face to strike it as the door is closing, and then be forced by the plate to retract until the door closes far enough that a spring forces it back into the strike plate box. This holds the door shut until the bolt is removed by a door knob, etc.

string algae An algae type that uses up oxygen and space in water features, choking out plants and fish. It forms a dense mat and can be removed by hand. Barley straw can retard its growth.

stringer A long, narrow, horizontal timber between uprights for carrying the load of a floor, deck, or for making a frame.

stringing mortar Spreading enough mortar to lay several masonry units at one time in place.

string trimmer or weed eater A motorized gas or electric tool that spins a heavy plastic string to cut vegetation, especially at edges where a lawn mower cannot cut.

strip 1. Material that is long and narrow. 2. To remove some or all of the threads on a nut or bolt. 3. To remove old material from a surface, such as paint from a wall. 4. To remove all vegetation from a site.

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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