strobilus or strobile In botanical terms, this means a cone-like or head-like fruit, as in hop and pine.

strong mortar A cement mortar made without lime that has more shrinkage than usual.

structural A term describing a load-bearing member of a structure.

structural glass Glass cast in the form of cubes, rectangular (solid or hollow) blocks, tile, or rectangular plates.

structural plywood A plywood of the highest grade of structural exterior capability used between joists and such to create rigidity and provide a base for other surface finishes.

structural steel Steel used as load bearing or reinforcing material.

structure 1. Anything built. 2. The members giving stability to an object or conglomerate. 3. The agglomeration configuration of soil. See soil structure.

strumose In botanical terms, covered with cushion-like swellings, or bullate.

strut Any structural member resisting thrusts in the direction of its length.

stucco An exterior finish made of some combination of Portland cement, lime, sand, water, and additives that dries to a hard, textured surface.

stud A vertical support member in a framed wall. There are usually several in a series to which sheathing for a wall surface is attached.

studio The workroom of an artist or designer.

stunt Smaller than normal. This can have many causes such as pollution, reflected light, soils low in fertility, or lack of water.

STW Abbreviation for storm water.

style An elongation of a plant ovary connected to a stigma at its apex.


sub- A Latin prefix often used in botanical descriptions meaning under, almost, or not quite.

Sub See subcontractor.

subaqueous Existing or formed in or under water.

subbasin A small drainage basin within a larger watershed.

subcontractor A person or organization having a direct contract with a prime contractor to complete and perform a portion of the work at a site.

subcontractor bond A performance bond given by a subcontractor to a general contractor guaranteeing performance of a contract and the payment of bills for labor and material used on the project.

subcordate In botanical terms, not indented enough (but close) to be a heart shape; slightly indented.

subdivision 1. The division of land into smaller parcels. 2. A development of homes including the streets and adjacent land that typ

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