syd Abbreviation for square yard(s).

symbiosis Close physical association between two different kinds of organisms, which benefits both.

symbiotic A mutually beneficial relationship between organisms.

sympatric A plant or organism occupying the same geographic region. (Compare with allo-patric.)

sympetalous With the petals connate (connected), at least toward the base.

symphylid White, segmented, small (about K in long) pests that kill plants by feeding on root hairs.

syn- or sym- A Greek prefix used in botanical terms, meaning united.

syncarpous A botanical term meaning with united carpels. (Compare with apocarpous.)

syngenesious A plant that has connected stamens or anthers.

synthesis The combination of simple molecules forming another substance. Photosyn thesis forms carbohydrates from water and carbon dioxide.

S.Y.P. Abbreviation for southern yellow pine.

syringing An old term mostly used in greenhouse work that refers to the process of washing dust, insects, grime, etc. from the foliage of plants. This term came about because originally a syringe pump was used to spray plants. Indoor plants should not be sprayed too late in the day as wet foliage at night may promote fungi.

system hazard According to the National Standard Plumbing Code, this is an actual or potential threat of severe damage to the physical properties of the public or the consumer's potable water system, or a pollution or contamination that would have a protracted effect on the quality of the potable water in the system.

systemic Spreading throughout the tissue of a plant. Some pathogens are systemic, as in a pesticide that is absorbed into the system and tissues of a plant, causing the plant juice to become toxic to targeted insects or fungi. This term can be found on container labels for weed killers, insecticides, and fungicides. It is also used for chemicals that, when absorbed, kill the plant itself.

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