Tin snips

horizontal line for laying a masonry course. 2. A flexible clip used to hold a sheet of glass, metal, etc. in place.

tin snips Shears used for cutting thin sheet metal or tin.

tin snips

tint A light color made by mixing a small amount of color with a large amount of white.

tipi See teepee.

tissue culture In plant research, the aseptic culture (in flasks or test tubes) practice of growing plant cells into plant clones (for propagation) or for biochemical products, preservation, scientific research, genotype modification, etc.

TOD Abbreviation for transit-oriented development.

toe 1. A piece of pipe threaded on one end only. It is usually used to connect threaded equipment or piping systems to glued piping systems. 2. A nail driven on an angle. This is done to afford greater resistance from pulling out, or out of necessity. 3. The bottom of a retaining wall footing, which projects in front of the wall (the side open to view and not retaining material). 4. The base of an object, usually extending beyond the object. It is meant to give greater stability in standing upright. 5. In excavation, the portion of sheeting below the subgrade. 6. In welding, the area between the face of a weld and the face metal.

toed Two boards at right angles, nailed together with nails driven on an angle.

toe in The slight reduction in the outside diameter of a plastic pipe at its cut end.

toenailing or skew nailing or tusk nailing

Surfaces fastened together by nailing on an angle into both surfaces (usually boards).

toggle bolt A bolt having a nut with pivoted, flanged wings that close against a spring when it is pushed through a hole, and open after emerging on the other side of the hole. They are used to fasten objects to a hollow wall or to a wall that is accessible only from one side.

toilet See water closet.

tolerance The amount of stress or disturbance a plant can withstand before damage or before death.

tomentose In botanical terms, clothed with matted woolly hairs.

tomentum In botanical terms, matted woolly hairs.

ton The weight of 2000 pounds (common or short ton), 907.2 kg, or 0.907 metric tons.

tongue-and-groove, dressed and matched, t&g In reference to lumber, this describes wood members cut with a ridge on one edge and a recessed area on the other edge so that boards can be interlocked for strength and tightness in planking, decking, etc.

tonne A weight of 1000 lb (about 2205 lb). Also, a metric ton.

tooled joint Any masonry joint where the mortar has been shaped with a tool before it sets sufficiently to resist tooling.

toothed In botanical terms, furnished with teeth or short projections of any sort on the mar

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