Transfer of development rights

raised, or lowered, and moving about on rubber or steel tracks.

track loader tractor An engine-driven vehicle, on wheels or tracks, for pushing or pulling trailers, attachments, or tools, or for digging.

tractor loader or tractor shovel A tractor with a bucket for digging, elevating, and dumping its bucket load (usually at the height of a dump truck).

trade 1. An occupation, skill, or craft usually involving manual skill. 2. The classifications of work in the construction industry, such as masonry, carpentry, irrigation, landscaping, etc.

traffic calming A concept usually involving reduction of vehicle speeds, providing more space for pedestrians, or improving the local traffic environment.

traffic paint Durable paint made to withstand vehicular traffic, yet be visible at night. It is used to mark roadways, traffic lanes, crosswalks, parking lots, etc.

traffic signs Those signs directing motorized vehicles for safety and order, including stop signs, speed limit signs, etc.

traffic sign

trailing A botanical term meaning prostrate but not rooting.

training plants Applying procedures such as pruning (cutting, pinching, shearing) or tying shoots to supports to acquire a shape or desired effect. Training is most effective in a plant's formative stages.

trajectory In sprinkler irrigation, the measurement (in degrees) of the angle of the water projecting out from the sprinkler's nozzle to a horizontal surface. A trajectory of 0° would indicate a flat projection of water from the nozzle of the sprinkler.

transect sampling A field sampling method where samples are drawn from strips or parcels across a study area.

transfer of development credits See transfer of development rights.

transfer of development rights A process providing for relocation of potential development. Usually this relocation is from land areas where proposed land use or environmental impacts are considered undesirable (the donor site or sending site) to another (receiving) site chosen on the basis for its ability to accommodate additional units of development in excess of that for which it is zoned.

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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