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transplant 1. A plant that is being, will be, or has been transplanted. 2. The act of transplanting.

transplanted In the landscape and plant nursery industries, the past tense of transplanting, or digging up and moving a plant from one place to another, intending for it to grow in a new condition of rooting space or type.

transplanting In the landscape and plant nursery industries, the act of digging up a plant and moving it from one place to another, intending for it to grow in the new condition of rooting space or type.

transplant shock Any deterioration in the health of a plant due to its being transplanted.

transported soil Soil deposits moved into place by water, glaciers, or wind.

transverse In botanical terms, at a right angle to, across the main axis from, or directed across, such as something crosswise.

transverse load Pressure applied perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis of a structure or member.

trap In plumbing or a system of piping used for drainage, a device that maintains a water seal against sewer gases, air, odors, etc. by collecting water to prevent gases from traveling past its location.

trapeze hanger A horizontal rigid member for supporting pipes that is suspended by rods from a structure above it.

trapeziform In botanical terms, no two lines being parallel to one another.

trash 1. Any debris that is not useful. 2. A mixture of combustible waste that may include pa per, cardboard, wood boxes, combustible floor sweepings, etc. It may have up to 10% (by weight) of plastic or rubber scraps. It also can include 10% moisture, and about 5% incombustible solids.

traverse A series of connected lines at various angles and directions on the earth's surface.

tread The horizontal surface of a step.

tree A perennial woody plant that grows or is capable of growing a trunk with a canopy of foliage generally high enough to walk under. Many trees will not assume this form without pruning and it is not necessary for them to be pruned to be referred to as a tree. Some shrubs grow tall enough to be trained and pruned into tree forms.

tree cart A device with two wheels, a space for b&b plants, or plants in large containers, and two handles that assists in moving heavy plant materials by hand.

tree cart
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