TypeDWV tubing


turion A botanical term identifying detachable winter buds.

turnaround A space, path, or circular area that permits the turning around of a vehicle without the necessity of backing up.

turnbuckle A device used between two cables, lines, etc. for connecting and tightening. It is made up of a right screw and a left screw coupled by means of a link.

turnkey job A job where the contractor completely supplies all furnishings of a building, park, or project so that it is ready for immediate use.

turn under The process of turning a portion of the soil surface upside down and burying any organic material (especially plants or remains)

as an organic fertilizer or soil improvement. It can be accomplished by shovel, tractor plow, disc, etc.

tussock A slightly raised area in a marsh or bog that has a solid ground of intertwined roots, etc. They are often comprised of sedges or grasses.

twig A small branch of a woody tree or shrub.

twine A strong string of two or more strands twisted together. The most used and accepted type in landscape construction is that which is made of decomposable materials so that it may be used in balled-and-burlapped situations or in tying up palm fronds, etc. When it disintegrates, it is no longer binding to the plant parts.

twining In botanical terms, ascending or climbing by coiling around a support, which is sometimes another plant, especially in a natural setting. Examples are the hop vine or Virginia creeper.

two-way reinforcement Reinforcing bars set in a grid pattern with bars at right angles to one another.

type-DWV tubing A copper tubing with thinner walls than other types of copper tubing. It is not generally used for liquids under pressure. It is generally used for drainage, vent lines, etc.

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