UBC Abbreviation for uniform building code.

U-bend A pipe expansion bend in the shape of the letter U.

UBG Abbreviation for urban growth boundary.

U-bolt A rod (iron bar) bent in the shape of the letter U with threads on each of the ends.

uf Abbreviation for underground feeder (wire for direct burial).

U-factor See thermal transmittance.

UL Abbreviation for Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc.

ULI Abbreviation for Urban Land Institute.

UL label Information affixed or inscribed on construction materials or devices showing evidence that the product has an approved rating by the UL. This approval is based on performance tests, from a production lot manufactured with materials and processes essentially identical to those of representative products that have been tested for fire hazard, electrical hazard, or other safety features. These products are also subject to reexamination services of UL.

ultimate strength The maximum value of tension, compression, or shear that a material can sustain before failure.

ultraviolet light (UV) A component of sunlight that is beyond the visible spectrum of light, having a wavelength less than that of visible light and longer than X-rays.

umbel In botanical terms, the umbrella-like form of inflorescence, or having flower stalks arise from the same point. Some umbels have a flat top to their flower head.

umbel inflorescence

umbellate In botanical terms, having umbels.

umbo A blunt or rounded part or protuberance on the end or side of a plant organ, as with the scales of many pinecones.

unburnt brick A brick that is sun-dried instead of kiln-dried.

uncinate A hooked end, or bent like a hook at the tip.

unclassified excavation An excavation with a single unit price for removal, regardless of the proportion of earth material (common excavation) and solid rock material.

unconsolidated backfill Any fill material not properly compacted.

uncoursed Masonry having continuous horizontal joints.

underbrush Woody plants growing beneath taller plants.

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