V 1. Abbreviation for volt. 2. Abbreviation for valve.

vacuum circuit breaker An electrical circuit breaker with switch contacts enclosed in a vacuum.

vaginate In botanical terms, surrounded by a sheath, usually made up of leaf stems.

valley The trough, gutter, or low area formed by the intersection of two inclined planes of a roof surface.

valley flashing Sheet metal used to line a valley on a roof.

valley gutter An open gutter with a sloping side in a roof valley.

valley tile A special-shaped roof tile laid in a valley on a roof.

valute The stationary housing or casing of the impeller of a centrifugal pump.

valute with flexible coupling pump A

centrifugal pump with the distinctive feature of the pump having its own impeller shaft mounted on one end of a frame and the electric motor on the other end with a flexible coupling connecting the two shafts.

valve An apparatus that controls flow, especially of water. It is capable of opening or closing and is often also capable of being adjusted to various amounts of flow. In irrigation, it may be operated by hand or by a controller via a solenoid.

valve adapter In irrigation, a replacement top to convert a manual valve to an automatic valve.

valve body The casing that attaches to pipes and surrounds valve components.

valve bonnet The top of a valve that is bolted or screwed onto the body.

valve box A box (usually concrete, plastic, or fiberglass) containing valves. In irrigation systems, they are usually buried with the lid showing.

valve box
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