vespertinus, vespertina, vespertinum of the evening vestitus, vestita, vestitum clothed, usually with hairs, or scales vexans irritating, wounding, harmful vexillaris, vexillare flags or standards; standard petal in a pea flower viburnifolius, viburnifolia, viburnifolium leaves like Viburnum viciifolius, viciifolia, viciifolium leaves like vetch (Vicia)

villosus, villosa, villosum colored with soft hairs viminalis, viminale; vimineus, viminea, vimineum long, wand-like shoots vinifer, vinifera, viniferum producing wine vinosus, vinosa, vinosum wine-red color violaceus, violacea, violaceum violet colored violascens somewhat violet-colored or turning that color virens green virescens turning green virgatus, virgata, virgatum wand-like, twiggy virginalis, virginale; virgineus, virginea, virgineum white, virgin white, fresh virginianus, virginiana, virginianum; virginicus, virginica, virginicum; virginiensis, virginiense from Virginia viridescens becoming green viridiflorus, viridiflora, viridiflorum green flowers viridifolius, viridifolia, viridifolium green leaves viridissimus, viridissima, viridissimum very green viridulus, viridula, viridulum somewhat green viridus, viride green viscidifolius, viscidifolia, viscidifolium sticky leaves viscidus, viscida, viscidum; viscosus, viscosa, viscosum viscid, sticky, or gummy vitaceus, vitacea, vitaceum like a grape vine (Vitis)

vitalba grape or vine family vitellinus, vitellina, vitellinum resembling yolk of an egg, dull yellow vitifolius, vitifolia, vitifolium leaves like a grape (Vitis)

vittatus, vittata, vittatum striped lengthwise volubilis, volubile twining vomitorius, vomitoria, vomitorium emetic, inducing vomiting vulgaris, vulgare; vulgatus, vulgata, vulgatum common, vulgar warleyensis, warleyense from Warley Place Gardens, Essex, England wichuralana in honor of a Russian botanist named Wichuray wolgaricus, wolgarica, wolgaricum from the Volga River region xanthacanthus, xanthacantha, xanthacanthum having yellow spines xanthinus, xanthina, xanthinum yellow

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