Visionlight door

verticillium wilt A soil-borne fungus (genus Verticillium) that causes wilting of a plant by plugging the water-bearing tissues of the plant. It can infest a soil for years without a host plant. Growing wilt-resistant plants helps to avoid this disease.

very poorly drained soils These are soils in which water is removed so slowly that the water table remains at or near the surface nearly all of the time. These soils occupy mostly level or depressed lands.

veseid In botanical terms, glutinous, or sticky.

vespertine In plant identification and descriptions, opening or functional in the evening.

vestibule A small foyer leading into a larger space.

vest-pocket park A park built on a small plot of land, usually within an urban setting.

V.G. Abbreviation for vertical grain.

vibrating roller A motorized heavy roller that rapidly, slightly jumps up and down. It is useful for compacting soils, base courses, etc.

view 1. To observe or examine. 2. Within one's vision and capable of being seen; usually in context of a negative (undesirable) or positive (desirable) view. What is positive or negative in view is often different from person to person, but some views are almost universally good or bad. 3. A pictorial representation or a picturesque setting or beautiful, or interesting area within sight.

villa A historically Italian design of an estate with its dwelling, outbuilding, and decorative garden.

village green An open space or park, historically located at the center of a village. They are still found in some towns today and were sometimes converted to a park from a common area where livestock were kept for the town.

villous In botanical terms, shaggy with long, often bent or curved (not matted), soft hairs. (Compare with hirsute, sericeous, and tomen-tose.)

vine A plant needing support for its stem that climbs by twining, or by tendrils, or creeps along the ground in a sprawling mass.

vinyl A plastic of various types.

virgate Plant parts that have a long slender shape like a rod or wand.

virus An extremely minute entity only capable of reproducing within the cells of plants or animals. They cause a number of serious plant diseases including phloem necrosis, lily mosaic, etc.

viscid Plant parts that are sticky, sweaty, greasy, or slimy.

viscidulous Plant parts that are slightly or a little sticky, sweaty, slimy, or greasy.

viscometer A device measuring viscosity that is often used to measure fresh concrete viscosity.

viscosity The thickness of a liquid. This is important in pumping and pressure loss calculations as fluids such as water will require more pressure to move when they carry suspended particles.

vise A tool that holds objects fast while they are worked on. Its rotating handle moves one jaw toward another, fixed jaw on a screw shaft so they can hold objects firmly.

vision light A clear glass window.

vision-light door A door with one small window in the upper portion.

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