Warm season plants

warm season plants Plants that thrive in warm weather such as some grasses, many vegetables, and most annual flowers. warping Deviation of a surface from its original shape.

warping joint A joint allowing warping of pavement slabs when moisture or temperature changes occur. warranty See guarantee. wash The slope on outdoor steps facilitating water drainage. It is usually expressed in portions of an inch per foot (i.e., K in/ft).

washer or flat washer A metal piece that is usually a flat ring shape used under a bolt head that surrounds its shank and extends beyond the bolt head to spread load, protects the surface from being crushed by the force of the bolt, ensures tightness, and relieves friction. waste pipe A drainpipe receiving waterborne discharge, but not receiving fecal matter. waste well 1. See leaching cesspool. 2. A well collecting surface waters, providing for the water to be dispensed and absorbed into the ground. water-based paint A paint that may be thinned or diluted with water. water basin A soil mound a few inches high usually formed at the drip edge of a plant for holding water to supply roots while preventing its runoff. These are commonly formed around plants at transplanting to aid in water retention. water closet 1. A fixture used to receive human excrement capable of flushing with water through a waste pipe. A toilet. 2. An enclosure containing a toilet.

water cock A water outlet valve operated by turning a handle.

waterfall A flowing body of water (stream, river, etc.) falling through the air without its undersurface contacting the ground.

water farming See hydroponics.

water feature A water body or fountain that is often a focal point or of prominent importance in its surroundings. It may be still or moving water with fountains, waterfalls, and informal or formal designs.

water feature

water garden A garden of pools with aquatic and other water-loving plants.

water hammer or water surge A sudden rise in pressure usually caused by suddenly opening or closing a valve or valves, or by air in the pipe system, and by cycling of a pump. This stopping of water with momentum and usually higher than reasonable velocity causes pipes to jump, make banging noises, and will eventually cause damage to pipes and devices attached to them. It can be corrected by turning valves off slowly, by adding a shock absorber (a vertical pipe or pipes filled with air to act as a shock absorber), by adding a surge suppression device, by increasing pipe sizes to reduce the velocity of water, or by installing air vents on the piping.

water-hammer arrester A device utilized in a pipe system to eliminate water hammer.

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