waterspout A duct, pipe, or device discharging rainwater from a roof or gutter.

water sprout Strong, extremely vigorous, vertical green shoot growth from the stem, or sometimes the branches, of a tree.

water stop A waterproof material placed across a joint to prevent the passage of water.

water table The geomorphic plane at the upper limit (or transition zone in finer soils) of water beneath the surface of the ground. This elevation of water generally tends to follow the surface of the ground.

watertight A material, container, pipe system, etc. that prevents the movement of water (moisture) out of it or through it.

water tank An enclosed water storage container, usually elevated to provide constant pressure to pipes.

water test A check of a water system under pressure to determine if there are leaks in the piping system.

water vapor transmission The rate of water vapor flow through a unit area of material between two parallel surfaces under specified conditions.

water volume Amount of water expressed.

water wand An attachment to a hose that gives the user an extended reach with control of water volume, force, or pattern of water delivery for watering plants.

waterway A shallow depression, usually of concrete, allowing water to cross a roadway or driveway, etc. instead of flowing across in a sheet pattern. These are common at street intersections where water gathered by raised curbs to corners must cross a paved surface. A waterway can carry water from one curb to another.

water wick Glass, wool, nylon or other substances used to move water from a supply of water to the location of a plant. This is particularly useful for watering indoor houseplants.

watt (W) A unit of measurement of electrical power. One watt of electrical power is equal to one volt of pressure times one ampere of current. Most electrical devices are rated according to the power they consume by this unit of measurement.

watt-hour A unit of work equal to 3600 joules, or the power of one watt operating for one hour.

wattle Poles intertwined with reeds or plants (willows, etc.) to create a fence, barricade, etc.

way A street, alley, path, etc., usually with an easement established for the passage of persons or vehicles.

W.C. Abbreviation for water closet.

WCV Abbreviation for butterfly (wafer) check valve.

Wdr With regard to lumber providers, an abbreviation for wider.

wearing surface or wearing course The finished layer of surfacing that carries traffic or receives use.

weatherseal channel An access with a top-closing channel set in mastic with its flanges oriented downward.

weathercock A weather vane shaped like a rooster.

weathered A term describing material that has been exposed to the elements of weather for an extended period causing it to change color, texture, etc.

weathering 1. Allowing or causing a material to become weathered in appearance or its surface to be changed by nature above- or belowground.

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