A. Linear

B. Ordinate

C. Angular

Figure 4.1 A diagram showing the different types of dimensions.

D. Radial

E. Diametric

F. Aligned

Figure 4.1 A diagram showing the different types of dimensions.

Figure 4.2A A drawing of a fireplace elevation showing various dimensions including a chain dimension that is outside the smaller dimensions.

1. Dimension lines are generally continuous with the number being centered and slightly above the line. Alternatively, the dimension line is broken (typically on engineering drawings), and the numerical dimension is positioned in the break.

2. Both feet and inches need to be shown (e.g., 10 feet, 6 inches). Even if the dimension has no inches, the zero remains as part of the designation (e.g., 10 feet, 0 inches).

3. When dimensions are small (less than 1 foot), only inches are used.

4. Overall or chain dimensions are placed outside the smaller dimensions (Figure 4.1).

5. Arrowheads, dots, or slashes are placed at the extremities of dimension lines to indicate the limits of the dimension (Figures 4.2A, 4.2B, and 3.8C).

6. Dimensions reflect actual building sizes irrespective of the scale used.

7. Where grid lines are used on a drawing (such as on a modular drawing), it is not necessary to dimension all the grids. Only one grid is normally dimensioned.

8. Similar dimensions need not be duplicated on the various views.

9. Door dimensions may be indicated in the floor-plan symbols or given in a door schedule.

10. Curved or angular leaders are often used to eliminate confusion with other dimension lines.

11. Dimensions showing location are given to centerlines of doors and windows on plan views.

12. To avoid costly mistakes, it is strongly advised to study all the information available before making a determination regarding the dimensions in question. Check that there is no conflict or discrepancy with the information shown in other views.

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