Site Improvement Drawings

Large or complex projects often require separate drawings to clarify proposed site improvements including curbing, walks, retaining walls, paving, fences, steps, benches, and flagpoles.

Paving and curbing plans indicate the various types of brick, concrete, and bituminous paving and curbing to be used and the limits of each. This information allows for calculation and measurement of paving and curbing. The legend symbols inform you where one material ends and another begins. No assumptions should be made by the plan reader. Details showing sections through the surface are used to differentiate between thicknesses and between material and the substrate below.

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Figure 6.7 An isometric diagram of a typical building waste-system arrangement.
Typical Manhole Detail
Figure 6.8A Standard precast manhole detail (source: City of Palo Alto, CA). Specification notes are placed in the bottom right-hand corner.
Mmcd Catch Basin Detail
Figure 6.8B Catch-basin installation detail (source: City of Palo Alto, CA). Notes are placed on the hand side of the sheet.

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Figure 6.9A Typical landscaping plan showing a plant list in the top left-hand corner. Scale and north point are placed in the lower left-hand corner. Leaders are used to identify plant type (source: United States Air Force Landscape Design Guide).
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Figure 6.9B Tree-well planting detail (source: City of Palo Alto, CA).
Figure 6.10 An irrigation schematic plan with legend, scale, and north point (source: United States Air Force Landscape Design Guide).

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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