Family Bunker Plans

Family Bunker Plans

This ebook from John Hartman, ex-military gives you all of the practical tools that you need to build a bunker for you and your family to protect them from terrorist attacks and dangerous attacks on the United States. Would you not say that you are willing to protect your family no matter what? Then this bunker should be an excellent investment. This guide teaches you how to keep your family safe in the following ways: you will be able living in your bunker for 6 months, you will learn to build a source of renewable power, and fit up to 5 people comfortably. You will learn to build a bunker that is secretive and hidden, and impossible to break into. Your bunker will be plenty solid, in order to resist dangerous terrorist attacks. Learn to protect your family in the best way possible with this guide Start building your bunker and save your family! Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this book, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I decided to buy a copy myself to find out what all the excitement was about.

All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Of heavy mass and apparent heaviness

Opera House Jean Nouvel

Mass is a fundamental property of material which expresses itself in the mutual attraction of bodies and in their inertias. The former results in the heavyweight, age-old problem of architecture, the latter allows mass to generate resistance. Both of these aspects are illustrated in the pier of the Wipkinger viaduct in Zurich. Its heaviness enables it to stand securely on the edge of the river bed, also resisting the highest floodwaters. However, the builders of this pier were not satisfied with this effective mass but instead emphasised this aspect with decorative additions a not quite regular and relatively coarse yet careful cutting of the stones a visual enlargement of the volume, which appears to extend far beyond the bridge supports (particularly when seen from a distance) and finally gently sloping sides, a stepped plinth and particularly coarse, almost rustic, masonry at the sides above the waterline. Furthermore, a carefully constructed, stocky arch indicates the loads to be...

Postcolonial Topographies

In-between visits to the traditional tourist sites - such are religious and archaeological sites, museums, palaces and temples - the tour nowadays also accommodates visits to war sites, which have become an integral part of the tourist industry, and of the tourist pilgrimage displaced from the tragic historical context (NORiNDR 1996 157) tourists nowadays visit the war room in the Presidential Palace and the Vietcong command bunker. The surreal juxtapositions of tourist sites, together with the fabricated narrative that attempts to frame them together, present significant domestic problems in the shaping of contemporary national and cultural identities (long 2003), particularly vis- -vis globalization. According to Colin Long, Hue's World Heritage status since 1993 - that has, as mentioned earlier, reduced the cultural heritage to manifestations of the nation's feudal past together with French colonial buildings and monuments - has simultaneously depoliticized the past by assigning...

What An Underground House Is

FALLOUT SHELTER. (12) The fact that a U house can also be a FALLOUT SHELTER is yet another advantage. A great number of people ranging from a group of prestigious Harvard professors, to those who study the Bible, to the entire Chinese population (who are burrowing like crazy beneath their cities), anticipate a global atomic war before the turn of the century. We won't go into that anymore here other than to point out that with three feet of earth on the roof and the proper design a U house can meet fallout shelter specifications. When I first built the place I put three feet of earth on the roof. This was both to provide good growing conditions for vegetation and to meet government specifications for a fallout shelter. One morning, however, after several days of heavy rains, Willie Howitt, a hitchhiker who has spent many weeks helping me, and who was crashing there at the time, asked, Did you hear that horrendous creak last night It sounded like the whole house moved. Alarmed, I...

Design Analysis Tool

Orientatino Solar Housing Analysis

Bunker Hill Project (Top) The solar envelope, viewed from the south, varies in height from 100 ft to 500 ft (30 m to 152 m) (Bottom) A close-up view of an exemplary design, with floor to area ratio (FAR) of 7.5, trades off some of the development potential of the envelope (FAR 20) for solar access to buildings and spaces within project boundaries. (Designer Randall Hong in Sun Rhythm Form by Knowles 1981,268f, 280f.)

Health And Spectral Quality Of Light

Daylight 10000k

The benefits of daylight in terms of its spectral qualities can best be demonstrated by the outcome of research not only on daylight but also on full spectrum lighting sources that attempt to mimic the spectral qualities of daylight. There appears to be a relationship between the spectral quality of light and the transformation of vitamin D in the skin. Bunker and Harris (1937) established that a wavelength of 297 nm is most effective in curing rickets. Knudsen and Benford (1938) found that 280 nm was the most effective in curing rickets and that wavelengths of 265, 289, 302, and 312 nm also had anti-rickets effects. Wavelengths longer than 312 nm had no effects on rickets.

Another Dimension Of Sambo

At the heart of all this was Sambo's sincere care for others. He started that at a young age, too. He entertained the neighborhood kids with every game and project imaginable, from fallout shelters and pony rides to kick the can and capture the flag. When he was in the army and returned home for a weekend, the neighborhood children would come and knock on the door and ask if Sambo could come out and play.

Review other documentation

All administrative records need to be evaluated as part of the preparedness process. What documents must staff have in hand during the response and recovery process These documents should be stored in a safe room for easy access in the event of an emergency. What documents must be stored safely but do not necessarily have to be readily available

Los Angeles California USA 19992003

It had long been noted that, n spite of his international notoriety Los Angeles architect Frank Gehry had not built a significant public building in his home two. With the opening of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in the fall of 2003. that failing was rectified. Located in the Bunker Hill area of downtown Los Angeles, close to JM isozaki's Museum of Contemporary Art, the project originated in 1987 with a 50 million gift from the late Lillian Disney. Since then, other gilts and accumulated inter-esl bring the Disney family's total contribution to over 100 million. The County of Los Angeles agreed to provide the land and significant additional funding to 'iWi Walt Disney Concert Hall's six-level subterranean parking garage. Total cost was 274 million lor the 2265-seat facility Gehry was selected as the architect in 1988an4 his design became public in 1991. The garage was built between 1992 and 1996 and work on the Concert Hall began in November 1999. As was the case for the Bilbao...

Outline of Response Procedures and Techniques

Task 1 Identify potential safe rooms and or outside shelters. Identify potential safe rooms and or outside shelters You and your team's input into the decision on where to establish safe rooms and or outside shelters is invaluable. Work with the collections team and the safety and security team to identify potential locations, which may vary depending on the type of emergency. When selecting a shelter, consider the various threats facing the institution. If flooding is a potential hazard, the shelter must be on the highest point in the surrounding area. If wildfires are a possibility, make sure heavy brush and trees do not surround the shelter.

Redefining competitiveness

Arts Does the city have clusters of cutting-edge niche specialisms requiring specialized networks of professionals Has the city got a strategic virtual location through intense connectivity Does institutional capacity exist to get beyond bunker thinking Is the leadership willing to trade its direct power for a greater creative influence, so unleashing more leadership potential in the city Is there good governance and management, involving transparency, trust and lack of corruption, a precondition for seamless trade to be conducted Is there ability to work in partnerships to maximize the benefits of combining public and private sector approaches Is there capacity to network globally and to keep abreast of the best And, significantly, is there cultural depth and richness, which might mean heritage or the availability of contemporary artistic facilities Is strategic thinking so embedded across key actors in the city that the idea of learning infuses every tissue of its being Does this...

St James Park restaurant

James' Park gets evermore popular and this simple Hopkins-designed St. James' restaurant is a welcome addition to the facilities there. The lake side comprises a verandah frontage to the restaurant and cafe, while the other side hides itself beneath a bunker that serves as an outdoor terrace, effectively disguising the presence of the building within the landscape. There aren't many similar buildings to compare it with the pavilion in the Thames Barrier Park (by Patel & Taylor p.171) comes to mind the Mile End ecology centre (p.230) also bears similarities of strategy. Note the interior design is not by the Hopkins studio.

Luxury And Catastrophe

North of downtown Las Vegas, set within 320 acres of silent flat desert, an immaculate little yellow flag hovers 30 ft below, across a lake. The lake is a mirror of still water, the green, a saucer (3,000 sq ft) of billiard smooth grass, gently pitching and rolling into three grades of trimmed border against a mountain waterfall cloaked in aspen pines. There are swans on the lake and a pheasant pecking in the long grasses under a willow tree. To the right there is a bunker, a pure dish of fine sand, above, treetops give way to the purple hues of the distant Spring Mountains, a pastel backdrop to the deep shadows of the trees glancing long over the fairway.

Establish an effective response system

Task 1 Identify potential safe rooms and or outside shelters. Task 2 Develop the collections response team. Task 3 Set guidelines for moving objects. Task 4 Detail recovery procedures. Identify potential safe rooms and or outside shelters In some emergencies, safe rooms and or outside shelters will be necessary to house staff members, visitors, and objects. Consult with the safety and security and the buildings and maintenance teams to determine the best locations for these safe rooms and to coordinate their preparation. You may want to have storage options outside the institution as well. For example, you may want to freeze water-damaged books and papers and store them in the appropriate facility, such as a local icehouse or meat locker. After a major fire in 1988 at the Soviet Academy of Science Library in Leningrad, millions of books were safely dried by citizens using home refrigerators and returned without loss. Who has authorized access to the safe rooms (Color-coded badges...

Andor outside shelters

In some emergencies, safe rooms and or outside shelters will be needed to house staff members, visitors, and the collection. As with the temporary emergency command center, the ideal shelter location will vary depending on the type of threat. Work with the buildings and maintenance team to identify and evaluate potential sites. Consult with the collections team to determine shelter needs for objects. Solicit the administration and records team's input in identifying shelter needs for equipment and documents, and in considering the legal issues involved in moving people and property.

Building underground

Subterranean structures are all around us yet we hardly notice them- a situation that, depending on the circumstances, we find fascinating, matter-of-course or even objectionable. Because it is invisible, complete or partial lack of knowledge about an underground structure leads to suppositions about the actual conditions. We speculate about the city beneath the city as a living organism with the most diverse infrastructures, or in the form of traces of bygone times (e.g. Rome, as the result of destruction and reconstruction), and hope that secret structures such as fortifications and bunkers lie behind unassuming doors and hatches. At the same time, modern underground building work in Europe - and in Switzerland specifically - is an expression of a spatial expansion that attempts to preserve our familiar urban landscape. So in existing structures, whose architectural value is to be found not least in the interaction between the building and its external spaces, new space requirements...


TPS (part of Carillion pic) shed light on how practical means of protecting airport terminals, staff and passengers from terrorist attack can be employed without necessarily turning terminals into either fortresses or bunkers. Sometimes security is considered as a secondary issue rather than a central driver in airport terminal

Vandalism and war

From a conservation aspect these two have much in parallel however, fences and other barriers aimed against intruders intent on damage are unlikely to stop a determined, armed and trained force of soldiers. Ruins are often massive enough to withstand a medium level of blast, as it is quite difficult to collapse most ancient structures without a well-thought-out, and accurately placed and timed, deployment of explosives. It therefore comes down to protecting high-value ruins against normal gunfire and shrapnel, which will significantly disfigure any stonework. This is easiest accomplished with protective sandbagging. Because this will give the appearance of a strong-point, or signals bunker, monuments should be clearly marked in bright colours and their presence advised to the enemy through the Red Cross, or other neutral authority, as has happened several times in past engagements.

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