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From Rome to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the apotheosis of the desert town. Visiting Las Vegas in the mid-1960s was like visiting Rome in the late 1940s. For young Americans in the 1940s, familiar only with the auto-scaled, gridiron city and the anti-urban theories of the previous architectural generation, the traditional urban space, the pedestrian scale, and the mixtures, yet continuities, of styles of the Italian piazzas were a significant revelation. They rediscovered the piazza. Two decades later architects are perhaps ready for similar lessons about large open space, big scale, and high speed. Las Vegas is to the Strip what Rome is to the piazza. There are other parallels between Rome and LasVegas their expansive settings in the Campagna and in the Mojave Desert, for instance, that tend to focus and clarify their images. On the other hand, Las Vegas was built in a day, or rather, the Strip was developed in a virgin desert in a short time. It was not superimposed on an older pattern as were the pilgrim's...

Las Vegas

Given its long association with various forms of vice, it is ironic that f ederal spending, and lots of it, triggered the rise of modern Las Vegas (Moehring 1989 13). In the early 1900s Las Vegas was a fledgling railroad and mining town and a nascent resort city, with a small but boisterous red-light district that formed on the two blocks of Fremont Street where the sale of liquor was allowed. In the 1930s and 1940s, federal spending on public works and defense projects pumped millions of dollars into the economy of southern Nevada and brought thousands of workers and soldiers eager for entertainment. In 1931, Nevada reinstated legalized gambling (following a brief and failed experiment with Progressive reform), and from that point on Las Vegas began to develop as a resort city catering to adult pleasures. It was not until the 1940s, however, that Las Vegas began to shed its dusty frontier image for the flashy modern resort image that persists today. The transformation was initiated...

Maps of Las Vegas

A Nolli map of the Las Vegas Strip reveals and clarifies what is public and what is private, but here the scale is enlarged by the inclusion of the parking lot, and the solid-to-void ratio is reversed by the open spaces of the desert. Mapping the Nolli components from an aerial photograph provides an intriguing crosscut of Strip systems (Fig. 13). These components, separated and redefined, could be undeveloped land, asphalt, autos, buildings, and ceremonial space (Figs. 14 a-e). Reassembled (Fig. 14f), they describe the Las Vegas equivalent of the pilgrims' way, although the description, like Nolli's map, misses the iconological dimensions of the experience. A conventional land-use map of Las Vegas can show the overall structure of commercial use in the city as it relates to other uses but none of the detail of use type or intensity. Land-use maps of the insides of casino complexes, however, begin to suggest the systematic planning that all casinos share (Fig. 15). Strip address and...

Main Street and the Strip

A street map of Las Vegas reveals two scales of movement within the gridiron plan that of Main Street and that of the Strip. The main street of Las Vegas is Fremont Street and the earlier of two concentrations of casinos is located along three of four blocks of this street. The casinos here are bazaar-like in the immediacy to the sidewalk of their clocking and tinkling gambling machines. The Fremont Street casinos and hotels focus on the railroad depot at the head of the street here the railroad and main street scale of movement connect. The depot building is now gone, replaced by a hotel, and the bus station is now the busier entrance to town, but the axial focus on the railroad depot from Fremont Street was visual, and possibly symbolic. This contrasts with the Strip, where a second and later development of casinos extends southward to the airport, the jet-scale entrance to town. One's first introduction to Las Vegas architecture is a forebear of Eero Saarinen's TWA Terminal, which...

Time Saver Standards for Urban Design369

Standard Urban Planning Tanzania

A schedule of Las Vegas Strip hotels plans, sections, and elements. Fig. 18. A schedule of Las Vegas Strip hotels plans, sections, and elements. the differentiation of the product. However, these casinos have much in common because they are under the same sun, on the same Strip, and perform similar functions they differ from other casinos say, on Fremont Street and from other hotels that are not casinos, as indicated in Fig. 18. Service stations, motels, and other simpler types of buildings conform in general to this system of inflection toward the highway through the position and form of their elements. Regardless of the front, the back of the building is styleless, because the whole is turned toward the front and no one sees the back. The gasoline stations parade their universality. The aim is to demonstrate their similarity to the one at home your friendly gasoline station. A motel is a motel anywhere. But here the imagery is heated up by the need to compete in the...

Dilemmas for Singapore

Another dimension of the easy money over substance debate was the decision to develop two 'integrated resorts' in Marina South and Sentosa, which combine casinos within a leisure resort. Aimed at attracting tourists, especially from China, and increasing tax revenues, there are, however, restrictions. The Singapore leadership acknowledged the downsides and promised there would be safeguards to limit the social impact of casino gambling, such as restrictions on admitting the local population into the casinos. For example, family members of a patron may block them from entering and gambling. The very high entrance fee of SGD100 per entry or SGD2000 every year are prohibitive. A system of exclusions includes not being allowed to extend credit to the local population. As the large US casino and retail developers hover over Singapore, they promise

Luxury And Catastrophe

North of downtown Las Vegas, set within 320 acres of silent flat desert, an immaculate little yellow flag hovers 30 ft below, across a lake. The lake is a mirror of still water, the green, a saucer (3,000 sq ft) of billiard smooth grass, gently pitching and rolling into three grades of trimmed border against a mountain waterfall cloaked in aspen pines. There are swans on the lake and a pheasant pecking in the long grasses under a willow tree. To the right there is a bunker, a pure dish of fine sand, above, treetops give way to the purple hues of the distant Spring Mountains, a pastel backdrop to the deep shadows of the trees glancing long over the fairway. 1 S.Wynn and T.Fazio, Shadow Creek from Barren Desert to Desert Oasis, Las Vegas, Mirage Resorts Inc., 1995, p. 124. 2 J.L.Smith, Running Scared The Life and Treacherous Times of Las Vegas Casino King Steve Wynn, New York, Barricade Books, 1995, p. 244. Playing Shadow Creek by invitation may demand a healthy expenditure of over 100,...

Sexuality and Public Space

One might argue that the different approaches to sex-related entertainment in Las Vegas and New York reflect no more than fundamental economic imperatives rooted in each city's economic base. City builders in Las Vegas had to overcome serious natural disadvantages - from a remote location, to scorching desert heat, to an inadequate water supply - in order to establish a thriving economy. Against these odds they built a major city around a tourism-based economy that offered forms of adult-oriented entertainment largely unavailable elsewhere. Commercial sex fits neatly into this formula in fact, the lower level of spending by families reveals the risk of deviating from it (LVCVA 2000). In contrast, New York developed a diversified economy over a period of centuries and matured into a global headquarters for corporate and financial activity. As such, the city could forego the economic benefits of profitable, but morally suspect, sex industries. The logic here is sound, but the analysis...


Let's move from the crusty smell of fast food to the antiseptic non-smell of electrical goods. Think of non-smelling computers, televisions and radio equipment, where only the rubbery connections exude a tiny whiff. However, changes are on the horizon to control our smell environment comprehensively. The Japanese communications ministry is investing large resources in creating the first 3D virtual reality television by 2020 to change the way we watch TV. It is proposed to have several thousand smells so as to create any mood. If that is frightening, consider that Las Vegas casinos already pump the smell of money on to the gambling floors dry, sweaty, sweet.


Amusement arcade a building or space for entertainment, often at an amusement park, housing various recreational facilities such as video games, slot machines etc. amusement park, fairground, pleasure-ground a recreational area containing carousels, arcades and sideshows etc. amusement structure any of the recreational structures found at fairgrounds or amusement parks.

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