Coda Urban Resistances

Like the proclamations of millenarian religions or ideologies of certainty, global capital projects an air of inevitability, even suggest ing its forces are 'common sense'. To question its unimpeded march is to invite ridicule. Yet conformity and resistance to the mainstream continually coexist. The winners and losers live side by side and inevitably they will fight.

Creating the alternatives and building counter-arguments about how life can be lived are, in fact, what keep society moving and alive; it regenerates the culture. The issue is whether the alternative is absorbed into the mainstream simply as a new idea - as part of a general innovation process that strengthens its potency - or whether it has the power and resilience to change the system and its inner workings.

Wherever you look, projects, groupings and movements batter against the implications of a narrow, self-interested globalization. As even George Soros notes:

Unless self-interest is tempered by the recognition of a common interest that ought to take precedence over particular interests, our present system ... is liable to break down... Unsure of what they stand for, people increasingly rely on money as the criterion of value. What used to be a medium of exchange has usurped the place of fundamental values.49

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