Writing a book is never a lone endeavour. You learn from others, you pick up ideas, someone gives you a crisp turn of phrase that encapsulates a point well. Someone encourages you and gives you confidence. I have many people to thank: Ed Beerbohm, who helped craft the text into a sharper form and did the research for the section 'The City as a Guzzling Beast'; Gabrielle Boyle, for the conversations; Jim Bage; and then the many people I have worked with, especially Margie Caust and Richard Brecknock, who put my Adelaide Thinkers in Residence programme together; and Mike Rann, the Premier of South Australia who appointed me as 'thinker'. The Adelaide period in 2003 gave me a real chance to think some things through and the chapter 'The City as a Living Work of Art' comes from that period. John Worthington of DEGW and chair of Building Futures gave me the opportunity to write Riding the Rapids: Urban Life in an Age of Complexity, and the 'Unscrambling Complexity' sections benefited from that collaboration. Honor Chapman (formerly of Future London) and Greg Clark provided the chance to research the background to the sections on 'Aligning Professional Mindsets' and 'Blindspots in City-Making'. Chris Murray commissioned work on creativity and risk, which is a theme throughout the book. My Swiss friends Toni Linder, Petra Bischoff and Elisa Fuchs gave me the chance to try out ideas in the book in Albania and the opportunity to survey projects throughout southeastern Europe, from Ukraine to Bosnia. This has appeared as Culture at the Heart of Transformation. Besim Petrela managed many trips throughout Albania and his surgeon brother operated on my septic arm in the middle of the night in Tirana. Carol Coletta from Smart Cities is a friend but also asked me write a series of letters called 'Letters to Urban Leaders' to the CEOs for Cities network in the States, of which she is director. Key ideas from those appear throughout the text. Others who need thanking include: Phil Wood and Jude Bloomfield, especially in relation to the Intercultural City project; Marc Pachter; Meg van Rosendaal; Simon Brault; Jonathan Hyams; Nick Falk; Dickon Robinson; Peter Kageyama; Andy Howell; Masayuki Sasaki; my friends from Metaa in Korea; Paul Brown; Thierry Baert; Christine Sullivan; Patricia Zaido; Erin Williams; Evert Verhagen; Susan Serran; Tim Jones; Doug Pigg; Theresa McDonagh; Richard Best; Richard Jackson; Martin Evans; Andrew Kelly; Hamish Ironside from Earthscan; Robert Palmer; Leonie Sandercock ... and of course the growing family of wild ducks outside my window, which are a good source of distraction.

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