Chapter Six The City as a Living Work of

This chapter is based on work undertaken in Adelaide as Thinker in Residence (Landry, 2004a). My thanks to Mike Rann, the Premier of South Australia, for appointing me, allowing me to be a friend of the city and for his courage in opening out to a critical external view that Adelaide publicly discussed. Thanks also to the team in Adelaide, especially Margie Caust, Rodin Genoff, Richard Brecknock, Terry Tysoe and Ann Clancy.

Thanks to Jean Hurstel of Banlieues d'Europe for focusing me on to re-

enchantment, see

Gehl and Gemz0e (2000).

See 'The art of smart' at Landry (1998). Quoted in Fryer (1996).

Mapping analysis of creative professionals in Adelaide as part of the Thinkers in Residence programme.

Office of National Statistics data for 2005.



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International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. This idea emerged in conversation with Margie Caust. Maccoby (2004).

See for instance the conclusions of Desmond Hui in 'Baseline study on Hong

Kong's creative industries',

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These ideas were first elaborated in Landry and Wood (2002). PricewaterhouseCoopers (2006); or see 'Cities of the Future' at www.

See Gardner (1995) for general discussion on leadership, from which some of the thinking presented here is drawn.

Interview with planner in Adelaide.

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See and Visit

From See Koolhaas and Mau (1995).


For a longer case study of Emscher by the author see 'Innovation in a noninnovative Setting: Emscher Park', available under free downloads at www.

This project was one of Germany's Internationale Bauausstellung (hence IBA - literally International Building Exhibition) projects in which local and regional government and public-private partnerships plan and promote structural change for former industrial and mining areas. See for more details of IBA Emscher Park. Falk (2005). Thanks to Nick also for a discussion of broader urban issues. From Landry and Matarasso (2001). Jupp, Fairly and Bentley (2001).

See 'Champions of change' at Report.pdf

For example Adelaide Thinkers in Residence survey with young people.

For details on the New Zealand Talent Initiative, see www.executive.



From (22_Jul_2005)_-_V2.pdf. See also Ren.pdf.

See Florida (2002) for treatment of creative environments.

See publications/facts/obesity/en/.


summaries.htm and

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By Geoff Calkins, the sports columnist for The Commercial Appeal. Florida (2002).

McInroy (2002); visit I am going to be too polite to name this source. McInroy (2002).

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