Fear of creativity

Quite rightly people argue, 'Why should people want to be creative, as being so involves adjustment and change?' It is painful. Better to leave things as they are. The desire to be open and inventive depends on what we do. For the artist exploration is a raison d'etre, for many scientists too. For the traffic engineer continuity and predictability are at a premium, as they are for the property developer. Ideally even certainty. The lawyer thrives within a plethora of rules to be nit-picked to achieve clarity. Planners can project a future only with clear guidelines; they would prefer less instability. In fact most people and professions prefer order. Individually, though, we may wish to explore, to find ourselves and to make our life more interesting. We may want stimulation.

Being creative is not the sine qua non of life. The reason it is so widely discussed is our period of transition and lack of settledness. Too many problems are not being solved. Until a new settlement emerges, where for instance individual values and economic purposes are aligned, things will remain up for grabs. Then the capacity to create, recreate and reimagine will remain at a premium. Seen thus, creativity is in essence the capacity to stand back and reassess.

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