List of Photographs

Sources are credited beside each photograph for those in the list below. All photographs in the two colour sections are by Charles Landry.

Creative city-making is a fragile affair 4

The city is more than 'roads, rates and rubbish' 20

Cityness sprawls into every crevice of what was once nature 25

How many old industrial buildings are left to be regenerated? 47

Cars being the priority, pedestrians have to adapt 84 The basic infrastructures of life simply do not exist in many places across the world 92

One of nearly 600,000 bunkers in Albania 103

Libraries are among the most inclusive cultural institutions 112

Speeding up the world allows no space for reflection 117

Corporate blandness, anywhereville 126

A good secondary shopping street in Cork, Ireland 129

The urban regenerators repertoire 144

The Guggenheim in Bilbao 146

Canberra's National Museum 150 Anish Kapoor's beautiful and popular sculpture in Chicago's

Millennium Park 190

All professions have a shape, a form, a mindset, a gestalt 229 Too many people think of the city as simply bricks and mortar 264

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