Soft creativity

Soft creativity is perhaps the next wave to think about. It is the tai chi of creativity. It bends like the reed and moves with the wind and is not rigid like the rod. It understands the flow of human personality, psychology and nature. It is an imagination that works with culture's and nature's resources and not against them. It does not see technology as the knee-jerk solution to any intractable problem. It is a mindset that holds back at first, listens, reflects and examines. It tries to find solutions that go with the grain of a local culture and its attitudes. For instance, if there are unique local transport schemes such as the dolmus in Turkey, a cross between a taxi and a bus operating on fixed routes, you would not superimpose another system on this national institution. Equally, if there is a tradition of care for the elderly such as that in Mediterranean countries, the city would support it and make it easier to work within existing habits rather than subcontract care to private companies.

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