Suburban creativity

Can the suburbs be creative? Suburbs are normally seen as dull, deflating and boring. The environment does not stimulate inventiveness, it is said, but instead suits families bringing up children. However, while the suburban physical setting may be focused on comfort and convenience rather than being inspiring, reactions to it often spark inventiveness. One example is the number of pop stars that were born in very ordinary places. John Lennon lived with his Aunt Mimi for almost 20 years at 'Mendips', 251 Menlove Avenue, Liverpool, Mick Jagger in Dartford and Bruce Springsteen in Freehold, New Jersey. Punk's origin as an outgrowth of suburbia is well documented. Indeed the film Suburbia in which Penelope Spheeris explored the world of alienated suburban teenagers, is regarded as the 'punk rock movie'.

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