The surveyor

'Surveyors - they're straight down the line; they deal in facts not fancy, they're realistic, they're not interested in sensibilities.' 'They look at what's there - they survey.' 'They basically measure things, they know how to count, how to cost. They can't draw.' 'They've got lots of sub-heads, there are various families like quantity, building, or planning surveyors - basically they are land economists.' 'They understand values, they compare prices, they say, "This sold for that then, so that could sell for this now."' 'They see the world through a rear-view mirror. The trend is their friend, they're not too good at speculating.' 'Surveyors are concerned with values and value for money. A good building, surveyors think, must be wellcosted.' 'It's always about defining things and values in a monetary sense.' 'Surveyors share with the economist the idea that the numeraire is really important, but they are more commercially focused.' 'The dominant group are now estate agents. They are knowledgeable about transactions, prices, rents, broking - [but] a smaller number are knowledgeable about buildings.' 'They know the price, but do not ask, "Why is it this price?" They are marketaware, they spot opportunities.' 'The building surveyor is more modest - they are more like technicians than transactors.' 'Surveyors are not thoughtful, but they're not stupid [either]. The best will build networks to understand prices.' 'They have to connect to gain market knowledge, so they are quite worldly in a jovial sense.' 'They see themselves as good-hearted people.' 'Surveyors are more adaptable than some other professions, as they tend to be realists. They are materialists and pragmatists - they are not into imagining or that stuff about social values.' 'Surveyors are not thinking about place but the market.' '"We've got to get the figures right," they say. "These are the facts, right or wrong."' 'Few surveyors have gone down the thoughtful route - that's not where the money is, surveyors are quite into money.' 'I was recently introduced as an 'unusual, thoughtful surveyor', as if that were odd.'

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