Where are the creative places

Many places considered creative, like New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney, are port cities. They remain hubs even in the age of air transit as they have maintained their status as communication nodal points. Today many cities we consider interesting are city states like Hong Kong and Singapore. Perhaps being a small nation allows a place to generate more impact, as it is not concerned with a vast hinterland. But what about landlocked cities around the world that feature as innovative hubs, like Munich,

Berlin, Austin, Madrid and Curitiba? Soon, however, those cities which can make the most of their airport hubs will become the exchange centres of the 21st century.

Within cities we often think of city centres as cores of creativity, yet increasingly the reality is different. The city core may simply be a lifeless institutional zone. Instead it may be an inner city living area, a light industrial rim, a science park or a village within a city that has reputation for inventiveness. Think of New York's Greenwich Village, once a very creative place, or Schwabing in Munich.

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