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The creative city has now become a catch-all phrase in danger of losing its bite and obliterating the reasons why the idea emerged in the first place. Cities tend to restrict its meaning. Overuse, hype and the tendency for cities to adopt the term without thinking through its real consequences could mean that the notion becomes hollowed out, chewed up and thrown out until the next big slogan comes along. The creative city notion is about a journey of becoming, not a fixed state of affairs. When taken seriously it is a challenge to existing organizational structures, power configurations and habitual ways of doing things. The creativity of the creative city is about lateral and horizontal thinking, the capacity to see parts and the whole simultaneously.

Below I describe a possible agenda for getting the creative show on the road. I supply this section with some trepidation, since much of this book has talked about breaking away from bureaucratic procedure and challenging outdated modes of thinking. Nevertheless, regard the following as a proposal upon which you can ponder and, wholly or partially, accept or reject.

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