Victorian Builders Row Houses 1890

Row houses were a common urban housing type during the late nineteenth century. They provided individual family homes, but their smaller floor plan, shared wall construction, and small yards made them more affordable than large, free-standing houses. This particularly fine example epitomized the style, with irregular massing, a steeply pitched roof, and a decorative ridge crest with finials. The walls were articulated through a variety of materials, including shingles, vertical siding, and horizontal siding. Windows were predominantly one over one, double hung.

Canted corner windows on the second floor were accented with ornate scrollwork. Stained glass windows in the center section were on a half level, most likely indicating a staircase. The front entries were lavishly decorated with a wide variety of turned wooden ornamentation, even a small sunburst located in the crest of the porch gable. While black-and-white images are not helpful in ascertaining original paint colors, the tonal contrasts clearly show the use of at least five different hues.

Classic Row House
14th Avenue housing group, in 2004.
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