The Composite Capital And Entablature

The capital, described in more detail in plate 31, consists in essence of a complete Ionic capital seated upon the lower two thirds of the Corinthian capital. In the interests of consistency, having finished the Ionic architrave with two unequal faces, I have divided the Composite architrave similarly, though the dimensions are here increased in accordance with the greater overall height of the whole entablature. The same constraints govern the projection of the lower members of the cornice as for the Corinthian: they are compressed in order to allow a generous width to the soffit of the corona. I have deliberately allowed some minor variations of dimensions between this cornice and that of the Corinthian if only to emphasise that these are by no means sacrosanct provided the dominance of such elements as the crowning cyma is not jeopardised. The profile adopted for this cyma and its supporting mouldings agrees with the upper profile in plate 24 (a), as for an external order, but as with the Corinthian order alternative sections are appropriate.


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