The Composite Capital

As has been said, this capital is a hybrid. The upper half consists of a complete Ionic capital - my dimensions (noted on plate 29) allow a slight variation in the height allotting it 0.49 diameters - over the lower two rings of leaves from the Corinthian capital. The only variation of the upper part from the true Ionic is a slight increase in the diameter of the concentric astragal and ovolo, to accommodate a belling out of the core of the extended shaft beneath. The version shown has rather more luxuriant foliage following the upper sweep of the volute which, as in the Ionic, obscures the lower face of the abacus. In the lower part of the capital, the stems of the calyces survive between the upper tier of leaves, but deprived of the actual calyces, sprout further small leaves and flowers on sinuous stems to decorate the belled portion of the core.

Composite Capital

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