The Composite Entablature

This plate amplifies the information contained in plate 29. Here again, the whole arrangement depends on the modillion spacing - two thirds of the column diameter - and the exact balance between modillion breadth and soffit width to produce an even margin around the panels of the soffit.

Figure (a) shows the arrangement of the dentil course at the corner, and is equally applicable to all the orders containing this feature. The two dentils at the corner leave a re-entrant which is filled with a rounded object - a pineapple, a fircone or an acorn is appropriate. The recesses between the dentils, it should be noted, are generally stepped, as indicated on the plan. The ovolo surmounting the dentil course generally turns the corner by means of a carved acanthus leaf, the decorated cyma and cyma reversa being similarly treated at the corner.

The upper section of the plate shows the arrangement of the modillion in detail. It consists of a stepped rectangular block of two faces separated by a cyma reversa. This and the crowning ovolo return along the intervening face between modillions in a similar manner to the cyma reversa surmounting the Corinthian consoles. The principal dimensions are indicated on the plate.

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