The Composite Order

The Composite order can be regarded equally as a variety of the Corinthian or a development of the Ionic. In overall proportions it follows the Corinthian exactly, having a column height of 10 diameters, with 0.5 allotted to the base and 1.15 to the capital; an entablature 2.5 diameters high with architrave and frieze each 0.75, surmounted by a cornice 1 diameter in height. As the plate shows, the capital, which is again contained in elevation within an inverted truncated cone, is less delicate than its Corinthian counterpart on account of its bold Ionic volutes. This somewhat coarser character is reinforced by the substitution of square modillions for the consoles in the cornice, as well as by the frequent employment of a pulvinated frieze.


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