The Doric Order

In setting out this plate I have deliberately chosen a spacing between the skeletal and the finished order of 3.75 diameters, so as to illustrate one feasible division of the frieze into triglyphs and metopes. I have followed Vignola, Gibbs (and Chambers) in allotting 8 diameters to the column and 2 to the entablature. The projection of the base, common to all my orders, is 0.67 diameters, but the capital, with its additional moulding surmounting the abacus, is allowed to project a little further (0.65) than the Tuscan capital from which it is clearly derived.

The proportions of the entablature - 0.5 for the architrave, 0.75 each for frieze and cornice - are accepted by most authorities. I have followed Gibbs and Vignola in leaving the architrave undivided; the intrusion into it of the regula and guttae corresponding with the triglyphs above provide sufficient decoration. Because of the arrangement of the mutules the cornice of this order necessarily has a projection greater than its height.


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