The Ionic Order

The order is again shown in skeleton form to give the principal dimensions, and full and half-columns are given at an intercolumniation of 3^2 diameters between centres, together with the superimposed entablature. The column height of 9 diameters accords with most Renaissance authorities and with Vitruvius - half a diameter is allotted to the capital, and half to the base. One fifth of the column height produces an entablature height of 2.25 diameters of which, following Chambers, 0.675 is given to architrave and frieze and the remainder to the cornice. The projection of the cornice equals its height. The sequence of mouldings for the whole of the entablature is taken from Vignola, via Chambers, and I have ignored the modillion versions of Scamozzi, Palladio and others (Gibbs shows both mod-illion and dentil alternatives) in favour of the dentilled cornice which seems to me an admirable counterpart to the voluted capital.

Classical Ionic Order Base Size


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