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To do any job accurately and expediently, a designer must have the proper tools. Tools are important in all work — whether it be surgery or carpentry, designing or drafting. Quality tools and equipment will also make drawing and drafting more enjoyable. Investing in good equipment for designing and drafting can benefit both students and professionals.

The advent of computer-aided design and drafting, commonly referred to as CAD, has reduced the need for much of the basic equipment described in the following pages. However, many students and professionals still prefer to draw manually in some situations, such as sketching initial design concepts or construction details. To this end, basic manual equipment and techniques are described in the next few chapters.

A designer or draftsperson need not buy every piece of new equipment or software available. However, one should buy a new product if it will improve one's work, both in quality and efficiency. Manufacturers often produce a range of models of varying quality. One can decide which model will produce the best effects in relation to the purchase price — sometimes not the top-of-the-line model. One should purchase tools and equipment of good quality, as they are an investment that will pay off throughout one's career.

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