Checklist for Section Drawings


• Title the drawing and note Its scale.

• Key the drawing to other sections, plans, or related drawings.

• Make sure materials rendered in section view are commonly recognized graphic symbols, or place a nearby note or key and legend indicating their meaning.

• Vary the line weights to make the section clearly understandable as to materials shown in section, voids, and objects seen beyond the section cut.


• Note special materials, features, clearances, alignments, and other important items.

• Call out room/space names or numbers that section refers to.

• Cross-reference the section drawing, carefully checking for accuracy and completeness of information.

• Use manufacturers' templates or CAD images for drawing plumbing fixtures such as water closets and lavatories in the sections where they might show.

• In building and interior sections, draw and note appliances/equipment such as refrigerators, dishwasher, washer/dryer, microwave, trash compactor, etc. If item is not to be supplied by contractor, add note that it is N.I.C. (not in contract).

• Specify or clearly show substitute construction materials.

• Call out (with generic names) wall and cabinet base materials, mirrors, wainscot, moldings, chair rails, and shelves (adjustable or fixed).

• In interior sections, call out generic wall finishes (vinyl, ceramic tile, brick, wood paneling, gypsum board, fabric, etc.), or cross-reference to the finish plans.


• In building and interior sections, add vertical dimensions tying important elements, such as floor levels, together.

• Dimension important items horizontally where they are not shown on referenced plan views.

• Dimension clearances, alignments, and other controlling factors.

• Dimension ceiling heights, soffits, and other headers.


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